Online merchant using PrestaShop? Announcing the SnowPlow Early Access Programme (EAP)

May 14th, 2012 by Alex

Are you an online retailer using PrestaShop? Are you interested in getting early access to killer new analytics tools to help super-charge your business? Keplar’s SnowPlow team would like to hear from you.

SnowPlow Security holds the line

At Keplar we are now hard at work building sophisticated web analytics, such as cohort analyses, using our open-source SnowPlow technology stack (now available on GitHub). So far, all of these analyses are being built on top of the “eventstream” data collected from a client’s website using the SnowPlow JavaScript tag installed across all pages.

Alongside these “eventstream”-based analyses, we are designing another set of analyses – equally powerful – based on the transactional data which lives inside your ecommerce platform; we have chosen to focus on PrestaShop first, because we have already developed and open-sourced a tool for fetching transactional data out PrestaShop…

The first of our new analyses will be around customer lifetime value (CLV) analysis. CLV analysis is critically important for retailers (as it is for just about every other type of business). Customer lifetime value analysis makes it possible for retailers to quantify the value of an average customer over his/her expected lifetime, and hence work out how much it is worth spending to acquire new customers. But that is just the beginning: once a company has a handle on their customer’s lifetime value, they can perform a cluster analysis to spot different segments of users with different average lifetime values – thus identifying different groups of customers, with different characteristics, some of whom are worth spending much more on acquiring and cultivating than others.

SnowPlow lets retailers go even further with customer lifetime value analysis, however. By combining a customer lifetime value analysis with the SnowPlow eventstream analytics, it is possible to identify those events and customer behaviours that:

  1. Are predictive of a customer belonging to a higher value segment, or:
  2. Are predictive of them migrating from a lower value segment to a higher value segment

This is invaluable to retailers who want to maximize satisfaction and profit per customer, guiding product development, service development and marketing promotions so that the retailer delivers services that their customers love.

Although we will start with CLV, we have a roadmap of other analyses to build leveraging operational e-commerce data; stay tuned for more about these other analyses in the near future.

So, we are looking for online retailers (up to five to start with) who are currently using PrestaShop and would like early access in return for giving us feedback and helping us to improve the analyses. Joining our Early Access Programme for SnowPlow will mean competition-beating access to some killer analytics tools, plus a chance to shape their evolution to help super-charge your business. And, assuming that this evolves into a hosted customer lifetime analysis product, we will give our Early Access Programme participants free access to this product for six months, followed by a first-year discount should you wish to continue using the product.

This is what we are looking for in a SnowPlow EAP participant:

  • You use of a recent version of PrestaShop, with Web Services enabled (or ready to be enabled)
  • You have had substantial order volumes over a two-to-three year period (if not more!)
  • All of your orders are stored in PrestaShop (or easily accessible if partially archived)
  • A good proportion of your customers are repeat customers

If you think that you fit the bill, we would love to hear from you and help us build the future of e-commerce analytics together! Please email us at with a brief introduction to you and your online shop.

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