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Alexander Dean

Alex co-founded Keplar to bring a new technical understanding and rigour to strategy consulting for digital businesses - something he is uniquely capable at given his background in both strategic thinking and applied technological problem solving. At Keplar, Alex has worked on a variety of consulting engagements for large and small clients, including most recently: identifying new digital opportunities for a children's entertainment distribution company, providing a major contribution to a report commissioned by Ofcom into the Future of Advertising Technology (to be published in summer 2010) and modelling the development of segments of the UK telecommunications market.

Alex leads the applied product design and development side of the Keplar business. Recently he has: designed a customer-facing site for a chemical distribution company to maximize sales throughput; advised a vertical travel site on commercial advertising strategy, ad server installation, configuration and monetisation; designed a new collaborative document creation platform for commercial lawyers; designed and project managed the build of iPhone and Twitter clients for Psycards amongst other projects.

Until the end of 2009 Alex worked as a senior project manager at OpenX, a VC-backed start-up developing open source online advertising technologies spanning the whole value-chain. At OpenX Alex was responsible for the development and launch of the OpenX Market, one of only three real-time display advertising exchanges worldwide.

Prior to OpenX, Alex worked in strategy consulting at Fathom Partners (now part of What If), where he led on proposition development, market analysis and futures projects for clients including Intel, France Telecom, Channel 4, Vodafone and Ofcom.

Alex started his career as an IT consultant at Deloitte, where his main client was Egg, the credit card company. He holds a History degree from Cambridge University.

Twitter: @alexatkeplar

Yali Sassoon

Yali is excited at the opportunities which new technologies present for businesses to develop innovative products, services and business models. Co-founding Keplar with Alex has allowed him to work with a wide range of clients to identify, develop and exploit those opportunities.

Yali brings a very quantitative, analytical approach to solving client problems, honed as the person at OpenX responsible for analytics during a period of intensive growth, and as a strategy consultant at PwC Strategy. At Keplar he has employed this approach to solve problems for a diverse range of clients: for example, he developed a direct marketing strategy for a rapidly growing clothing retailer, identified brightspots in the UK display ad market for a UK-based ad network and helped an online music platform provider identify key profitability drivers. Yali recently co-authored a report commissioned by the Office of Fair Trading looking at the enablers and barriers to SMEs wanting to trade online, allowing him to step back from advising individual clients to examine how at a market level e-commerce and online trade is changing in the UK, what is driving those changes and how they impact different sectors.

Since founding Keplar, Yali has worked with Alex to develop their rapid, visual, iterative approach to product design, designing digital products for Vestas Wind Systems and GGPrint amongst others.

Yali has an MPhil in the History and Philosophy of Science and a BA Hons at Natural Sciences, both from the University of Cambridge.

Twitter: @yalisassoon